Helping the Rescue


Volunteers are needed and always welcome!

The entire board of the Great Pyrs and Paws Rescue are volunteers that donate their time, skills, and knowledge of rescues and nonprofits to help save the life of our furry friends. Without volunteers, we couldn't do the work that we do. There are many different ways that you can help. Find one (or more) and let us know you want to help.

Volunteer Application


Fostering save lives! We couldn't save the Pyrs that are in Texas and the Pacific NW without the foster families that commit to loving and caring for them.  We have various needs for fosters including short term, long term, medical, Homer Senior Housing Project long term senior/hospice fosters, and individuals skilled in behavior modifications.  If you would like to join our foster family, please fill out the form - we would love to talk with you!

Foster Application

Social Media team

Team is tasked with designing creative content using rescue images, dog bios, rescue videos, rescue and volunteer stories and other resources in order to generate engagement between our followers, adopters, and volunteers as well as attract new followers.  Frequency of posting may be rigorous to keep followers up-to-date on available dogs, medical cases, recruitment of fosters & other volunteer positions, fundraising campaigns and more.  Like making videos?  We could use a Tik Tok designer or two as well!   You might be asked to contact volunteers and adopters to interview for content on certain topics or attend a local event to gather content.

Fundraising committee

Help with the fundraising efforts including organization and scheduling fundraising activities and events, collaborating and brainstorming with the team to seek funding opportunities, and working with social media to schedule online events.  The events are a combination of in-person meets and online activities such as auctions and planning our annual 5k event through the atlasGo platform.

grantwriting team

If you are an experienced grant writer or non profit management student who would like to gain experience, we are seeking more individuals to assist in identifying prospective funders, process grants according to funders criteria, organize the data on our grant tracker, write budgets and follow up with grantors as scheduled.   If you have the interest you can also be involved with designing programs that address our mission and vision.

Volunteer recruitment team

If your interest is in HUMAN RESOURCES we are currently building a team that will oversee the recruitment and retainment of our volunteer force, including interviewing volunteer applications, on-boarding, organization of volunteer documents and keeping the volunteer database up to date, as well as coordinate volunteer relations activities.

Adoption counselors

Adoption counselors process submitted applications for potential adopters.  This includes calling the applicant's vet to establish a pattern of medical care, review fence and yard photos, and conduct phone interviews to discuss livestock guardian traits and to identify goodness of fit of the rescue dog with the family.  ACs assist adopters with transport via messenger and follow up with the adopters to ensure the dog and family are well supported while acclimating their new family member into their home.  ACs need access to the internet, email capabilities and be comfortable using social media.  Lived experience with a live stock guardian dog is a bonus!


Volunteer to evaluate rescue dogs in your area. When an owner is interested in surrendering their dog or a dog is at a shelter, someone needs to evaluate the dog. The evaluation determines whether the dog is a Great Pyrenees or Pyr mix, their temperament and whether this dog is placeable. You can always consult with other rescue volunteers if you need help.


Drive a rescue dog within a 1-3 hour radius of your home. Transportation is usually in close proximity to you, and you can let us know how many miles you might be willing to drive. The entire route is mapped out by the location and time available of the individual volunteers in that area.