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We are often asked why there are so many Pyrs in shelters and rescue.

While traditional agricultural societies teamed shepherds with their dogs and the dogs lived in close proximity with their owners, as ranching in the U.S. became bigger and more industrialized, these dogs have often been over-bred.  This leads them to be unsocialized, underfed and neglected on large farms, with backyard breeders, or abandoned in the fields.  The lack of regulations on backyard breeders, availability of affordable services, and spay & neuter laws across the U.S. continues to be a contributing factor to the over-population of these dogs.  They often come into rescue as adults in terrible shape, pregnant, shut down, and in some cases, abused, exhibiting stress responses, fear, and other challenging behaviors . Our goal is to adopt dogs who thrive in their environment while guarding their human family, other family pets, and livestock.

In order to ensure that the Great Pyrenees and other livestock guardian breed dogs in our care are given the best chance at success with their adoptive families, we have some guidelines that we require for all of our adoptive homes.

*  All our dogs require secure VISIBLE fencing.

*  All current pets in adoptive home must be spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations.

*  We have found that our rescue dogs do best in homes with children that are over the age of 6, so we will not consider applications from homes that have children that are under the age of 6.

* We provide rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption to Great Pyrenees and other livestock guardian breeds who prefer the home life as well as working dogs to farms and homesteads experienced in training with livestock.

* Seniors (all dogs over 6 yrs old) have a reduced adoption fee as they are older, and may need additional care, such as joint supplements – and we want to encourage families to consider the seniors as they are usually more gentle and lower energy for those with younger kids.

* Bonded Pairs have a reduced fee because as an adopter, you would be adopting two (which we love), so ask about bonded pairs!  Most of our bonded pairs are older and make great additions to families that want double the love!


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